Sleep on time, Wake on time – Enhanced immune system

Sleep is an important physiological activity according to the body’s circadian rhythm, accounting for an average of about one-third of the day. Scientists still recommend going to bed early, but how many hours of sleep is good for health, helping to wake up is still a question that many people wonder.
Many studies show that, in the evening from 9 pm, the human body begins to need to relax to fall asleep after 1-2 hours. Good sleep will help the body’s immune system work effectively and every hour of sleep is also every hour of work for each part of the body. Take a look at the article below to better understand the activities of the agencies.

  • Time 21h – 23h

Is the time dedicated to detailed content systems in the body. This is the amount of time the immune system (lymphocytes) trains the toxin. During this time, you need to relax your body and keep your mind at ease. In addition, it is possible to combine massage of the neck and auxiliary areas, helping the glands to better detoxify.

  • Time 23h00 -1h00

At this point, your liver begins to excrete toxins from your body. During the time when the liver is most active to eliminate, the human body needs to be completely relaxed or in a deep sleep state. Therefore, you should not stay up more than 23 hours to avoid affecting the function of the liver.

  • Time 1h00 – 3h00

This is the uptime of the password. During this time, you must sleep for the most effective training. – From 3am to 5am: The reaction performs the process of eliminating toxins at this time through intense fevers and coughs if you are suffering from respiratory diseases.

  • Time 3h00 – 5h00

This is when the pulmonary meridians are most active. This period is the beginning of yang qi, when people move from a static state to an active state and the transformation takes place, so it requires us to be in a deep sleep state.

  • Time 5h00 – 7h00

This is the time when the large intestine expels waste products. Therefore, you need to provide an appropriate amount of water for the intestines to work better. In particular, do not drink caffeine in this time frame because it will absorb water from the colon and change the functioning of this organ.

  • Time 7h00 – 9h00

This is the time for the heart to repair and clean the plaque, cholesterol, and dirt that it has taken in on a daily basis. This is the time when the heart is most active throughout the day, and according to research, 70% of heart attacks happen during these hours. With an unhealthy lifestyle, the heart will have to work hard during the recovery process leading to a heart attack.

Try to put the body into a state of rest according to the hours that the body’s parts work, and don’t forget to use a Japanese NIICHI mattress to have the best body condition, restore energy for the new day!

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