What temperature is the best treatment ?


To be able to take full advantage of the NIICHI Stone Mattress and use it effectively, besides regular use, it is very important to properly adjust the temperature. Because at different temperatures, stone mattresses will bring different uses and effects.

Let’s take a look at NIICHI to find out:

  • Temperature : 32 – 37 Degree Celsius

At this temperature, it will be suitable for sensitive skin or the first time to use the application product, when at this temperature will promote digestive function, cause body pain, headache, increase absorption and immunity.

  • Temperature : 45 – 50 Degree Celsius

At this temperature, it is equivalent to the state of the body when exercising to help eliminate carbon dioxide, eliminate toxins through sweat glands, improve acute respiratory tract, support oxygen pump for people with high blood pressure better, helping to improve blood pressure. body feels comfortable and relaxed.

  • Temperature: 50 -60 Degree Celsius

Reduce stress, fatigue, produce more cells, happy hormones and restore energy.

  • Temperature: 65 -70 Degree Celsius

This heat level is quite high, for people who are used to using the product and the skin is not sensitive to heat, so the recommended time is only 45-90 minutes, far infrared rays help the body eliminate toxins and detoxify. Toxic heavy metals and residues in cells, besides helping to treat osteoarthritis pain more effectively, go deep into the congested blood capillaries, help circulate blood effectively and increase blood circulation.

Treatment time also depends on the adaptation of different bodies, there is no fixed treatment time, NIICHI is committed to accompanying you and improving your medical conditions up to 89%.

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