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Jade and Tourmaline are very good for health

We have heard a lot about the miraculous blood circulation of jade. So how bad is it? How can jade help circulate blood and promote blood circulation? According to research, Jade stone contains more than 30 trace elements such as water, iron, gold, silver, magnesium, selenium, zinc, calcium, germanium, strontium… will emit infrared rays that […]

Sleep on time, Wake on time – Enhanced immune system

Sleep is an important physiological activity according to the body’s circadian rhythm, accounting for an average of about one-third of the day. Scientists still recommend going to bed early, but how many hours of sleep is good for health, helping to wake up is still a question that many people wonder.Many studies show that, in […]

What temperature is the best treatment ?

4 TEMPERATURE LEVELS TO KNOW WHEN USING MATTS To be able to take full advantage of the NIICHI Stone Mattress and use it effectively, besides regular use, it is very important to properly adjust the temperature. Because at different temperatures, stone mattresses will bring different uses and effects. Let’s take a look at NIICHI to […]

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